Snowball Lighter backgrounds for blurry eyes



Eyes blurry from reading on dark backgrounds? Just drag this link up to your bookmarks bar → Snowball

What's all this?

Can't read against the the dark background on Daring Fireball? Me either. And now you don't have to.

This simple bookmarklet tries to lighten the mood a little. It works best on Daring Fireball, but also works anywhere else on the web. Basically, it makes the text dark and the background light. Easy as that.

Isn't this just like Readability though?

Sort of, but not exactly. Readability works its best magic on articles. It doesn't work in forums, homepages, or anywhere else where content isn't neatly stored in article form. Plus, while I love Readability, I don't always want the website completely reformatted—I just want to make it more readable.

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